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A professional information exchange community is an endeavor to bring thought leaders, experts and people aspiring to be future leaders together and foster a culture of collaboration and personalized information exchange.

eZdia strives to create a Human Neural Network which will allow people around the globe to share their thoughts, ideas and expertise in order to create a better world for tomorrow. This exchange of information and ideas through mail/ chat/ phone and other modes of communications will allow knowledge explorers to learn from thought leaders and lead the future.

We try very hard to create an endless loop of positive energy from this healthy exchange of information with the ultimate intent being the growth of mankind.

eZations is focusing the growing need of the mobile phone market. With the upcoming boom of third generation mobile phones, services like high speed data transfer, video conferencing and video streaming is in great demand. With this boom, demand for technical expertise in mobile area is increasing exponentially. As more phones are created to fulfill the customized needs of subscribers content developers will find it increasingly difficult and costly to test applications across multiple phone platforms.

Mobile phone users subscribe to over $10 Billion worth of content services each year. Subscription of content services is growing at 20% annually. Mobile phone testing accounts for as much as 30% of a content developer's operational costs. A solution is needed to reduce application development and implementation costs. eZations provides remote testing/training solutions for mobile phone manufacturers and content developers and to the end users.

eZations also has a "patent pending" product by which phone manufacturers/application developers can test/train these services in-house without the need of a third-party host. eZations is creating mobile network which could allow user to connect mobile phone to Internet and technical staff is able to assist with any troubleshooting.

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